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Todays List Of Stuff To Do...

Mostly sewing.
  • Put 8 eyelets into my black bodice
  • Put 8 eyelets into my silver bodice
  • Make J's linen petticoat
  • Complete my black petticoat if possible
  • Complete making the panes for the slashed doublet body
  • Make slashed suit Venetians.

The black bodice is looking good, and we have a bunch of customer commissions nearing completion...  I have a set of collars and cuffs and we have a couple of chemises to complete for one person, plus eyelets to put in her petticoat waistband (jacket also, but the fabric for that hasn't arrived yet: this is what happens when you order hand embroidered fabric from India!).  Another person only needs hooks and eyes and then he is complete...  There's loads of other stuff we're busy working on, in various stages of completion.

The rest of this week contains Sewing Like The Wind and FTL Pattern Making!



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Jan. 16th, 2013 02:17 pm (UTC)
Ooh...I need a sewing day like this of yours, where the tasks to be done get mapped out and---wait for it---are actually performed!

Will you be doing those eyelets by hand? By grommet press? By machine? There is the NIFTIEST attachment for those of us whose machines do not make round buttonholes or eyelets, which allows us to machine-sew round eyelets.
I've been longing for one, but.... Always I can think of better ways to spend the money (not a lot of money; still, I can always think of better ways to spend it) because generally when I'm using eyelets they're going into some historical piece and some lizard-y portion of my brain commandeers all the other parts or holds them incommunicado, or some such, puts its own self on autopilot and the next thing you know, I'm hand-stitching eyelets, anyway.
Jan. 16th, 2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
I arr Queen of Machine Stitched Eyelets! I have one of these Bernina kits for my 1005: http://www.bernina.com/en-US/Products-us/BERNINA-products-us/BERNINA-Accessories-us/Special-sewing-accessories-us/Eyelet-embroidery-attachment-82-with-foot-en (The different models each need a different presser foot, and mine isn't quite like the one in the pic). It's a horrid price now. I got mine a few years back as a birthday prezzy, when it was £55. Now goes for round about £100! But worth it. Oh so worth it!

I also have an eyelet plate for my Husqvarna. You can get them for Pfaffs too. Don't know anyone else doing them at present. Right now I have neither the spare fingers or the time to hand stitch them, and since they'll be hidden behind 1" wide ribbon points...
Jan. 16th, 2013 03:24 pm (UTC)
"Eyelet plate." H'mm. A template, maybe, is what I'm thinking of. "Fits [name, another name, and a bunch more names and model numbers]" and what it fits are more basic machines such as my workhorse White.
What I recall from having seen this thing once, maybe twice, on-line, is that it is just a template, really, and that it cost, at the time of the last 'sighting,' about US $20.00.

From time to time I'll find myself thinking about that critter. Perhaps I'll try to look it up again. Sometimes, it does seem as if it would be nice to have. Other times---most times---my calmer and saner self says, "You don't want more 'stuff' around the house or in the sewing area, remember. You decided this, and you proclaimed there would be no further accumulating of things. Just making of things."

[ETA]-- Found it, with a notation that this product is not currently available and it is not known when or if it will become available again.
Methinks I smell a pulling of pirated technology, patent and/or copyright infringement, and a lawsuit or twelve.

Methinks further that I may well be continuing to make eyelets by hand for the remainder of my natural days, barring a huge lottery win, because as long as the machines I have and use continue functioning properly, I have neither need nor inclination to buy another.

The calmer, saner self was all smug and complacent about this proclamation, because the calmer, saner self wasn't carrying that thought through to its logical conclusion, until it did carry the thought through to its logical conclusion, namely that as a result of "making things" there would be things as a result of the making.

Edited at 2013-01-16 03:59 pm (UTC)
Jan. 16th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
That sounds a lot just for the eyelet plate. The Pfaff ones seem to be about £11 for the set of three in different sizes. Last time I looked the Husqvarna ones were about £7 each. They are tiddly and only take up an inch of space in the machine's gadget box, so no real proliferation of STUFF.

I have to say I would now never buy a machine that I couldn't get an eyelet plate or two for, as I do love them and they make far stronger eyelets than the embroidered pattern type or the buttonhole type.

Where this sort of thing is concerned, I HAVE no calmer, saner self! But I don't need one, as I have a professional use for the things. (Insert smug grin of choice!)

Right, back down the frock mine I go...
Jan. 16th, 2013 06:18 pm (UTC)
Eh; I wasn't very clear, here. There are two classifications or types of "things" to which I was referring. One is a "thing" such as the eyelet plate (which, as it turns out, is an attachment which replaces the presser foot) which is "not currently available."
That's the sort of "thing" I don't need to have taking up space, however small that space may be, if I'd only be using it where I'd have to justify its use to myself and where I'd be feeling I'd have to explain my use of it, to others, i.e., in the making of eyelets in historic clothing.

The other sort of "thing" is any "thing" resulting from the sewing. It doesn't matter what: apron (modern, vintage, historical), blouse, shirt, skirt, trousers, coat, jacket, small kitchen appliance covers, what-may-you, once it's made it has to have a place to go or a place to be.
Right now, space in my wardrobe is such that there are still plenty of places for a new garment of any description to be, but after a time, if I've made enough garments space becomes an issue as it once upon a time was for my wardrobe.

"[US $20.00] That sounds a lot just for the eyelet plate."

My error: it's just under US $10.00, and makes a number of decorative eyelet stitches.
I'd suggest that it's really up to the person who wants it (or has invested in it) and uses it to determine whether or not she or he has received good value for the money, but as the thing isn't available right now and may never be again that point's moot.
If this attachment were available, however, and I wanted or needed to justify the price (which let us say for the sake of discussion were in fact US $20.00 or £12.51), I could always console myself with the fact that I acquired a box of all but one Singer FeatherWeight 221 attachments at a yard sale for US 99 cents, just one penny under a dollar.
And that over the years I've saved enough on patterns by buying at what used to be 99-cent sales and are now US $1.99---usually, although I did take advantage, this weekend past, of a Five for $5.00 sale---to pay for said attachment at least twenty times over. *insert happy grin*
But as I've said already...the point is moot because the thing just isn't out there.

Heading back down the current mine, my own self....
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