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And so it begins...

I got a bit fed up the other day, so yesterday I started work on the house stuff...

Rang Dan The Man and he's coming next week to give us a proper quote for the loft conversion.  We need to talk details like dormering the roof and alternative supporting joists and other technical stuff.  And if we need an architect to see us through planning and building regs.

And I found a fab upholsterer for my furniture!  After a nice natter with seraphinawitch, it seems that the cousin who borrowed all mum's furniture when her house burned down is now ready to move on, and things are coming back to us.  praesepe58 will probably organize getting it sorted with seraphinawitch, but some time soon I get Ma's sofa bed and the sewing table.  If it isn't wanted elsewhere, I may also get the ex RAF oak chest of drawers with mirror, which might be useful, but I don't really need.  But having a sofa while mine gets renovated will be great!  Having a sofa BED means the occasional stopovers by friends need not come to a halt!  Yay!

The upholsterer had a quote visit cancellation, so fitted mine in yesterday evening.  After looking at it all and deciding what really needs to be done, the total quote for the work, with me supplying the fabric from my stash, is £1650.  That's about three weeks work, in terms of actual working hours, I said.  He looked slightly startled, but I reminded him of my own artisan business.  We both understand these things.  :)  I know it won't all be done in one three week slot, but it's a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.  And the work won't be shoddy.  He's worked for some very exacting customers!  And I've seen the pictures.

I thought I was being extravagant spending £1650 getting the sofa and 4 chairs renovated and recovered. Then I looked for the nearest equivalent to my Sofa Workshop sofabed... Over three grand!

  And the upholsterer said the little nursing chair we brought down from Sunderland all those years ago was worth renovating properly before he reupholsters it as it's solid oak and a well-known arts and crafts type from the 1930's.

Granny's fireside chairs... Again, good solid frames, need a bit of renovating, and I can't find anything for more than double the price of renovating that looks as good. They are very comfortable, and the right size for the house.

Mum's nursing chair is also basically in good nick, though Himself is going to rub down and varnish the legs to go with the new cover. Closest new replacement I've seen was £215


So no. OK, I could probably buy a three piece suite and a couple of extra chairs for less than the price of all the renovations, but then what would I do with the 16m of heavy upholstery chenille and 5m of velvet that I bough all those years ago? I like those fabrics!  And would the pieces I bought last between 30 and 90 years?

  There's enough of the velvet to do the two fireside chairs, and enough of the chenille to do the sofa and the two smaller chairs.

  And if the chap I found is good enough to work in the Houses of Parliament, he's good enough for me!

I excavated the sofa-covering fabric from Down The Back End of t'Loft yesterday... Shifted 12 boxes of STUFF out the way and back again! I am sure I have earned a glass of very nice white wine box juice!

This morning I'm looking at 14m of heavy fire retardant chenille and 5m of heavy fire retardant velvet and thinking 'BUMS! I do NOT want to haul that back into the loft when I'd have to get it down again next week to give to Roy The Furniture Man!'  

I may just roll the velvet back up and stash it all in the dining room for now...

Anyone got a small crane I can borrow?  And I'd still rather have Mum than the dosh, but as she isn't here, I want to put the dosh to the best use possible, and use it on things that are going to do me good for the rest of my natural.  I'm going to start enjoying them as soon as I can too, after last weeks rather disturbing news about my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both of which are officially 'high' rather than merely raised.  Odd to go from almost permanently low blood pressure to high, so it will be monitored.  As will the cholesterol, though it looks increasingly likely that I'll end up on something for that as I already eat the way they recommend, don't drink, much and there is family history.

Don't want to think about it, so am Doing Stuff and keeping busy instead.  And we have a nice batch of projects right now, so that too will keep me occupied!

Anyway, here's the furniture before restoration!

Plan is that the patterned chenille will go on the sofa and two little chairs and the plain on the two winged chairs.


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Jun. 19th, 2013 08:53 pm (UTC)

How exciting! This will be so---just---this is going to be simply--- Wow! How marvelous!

And what gorgeous colors!
Jun. 19th, 2013 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you. The fabrics are on the blue side of duck egg. I need to find curtain fabric...

The walls with go a rich cream, and the paintwork white. We're probably having maintenance free (as far as these things ever are!) plastic framed double glazed windows in the same style as the wooden framed single glazing we have now. White is best for that, so we'll just paint all the woodwork white. I want light woodblock floors and rugs rather than carpet.

It will be so nice to have furniture I DON'T have to cover up with throws that look a mess five minutes after someone sits down! (I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn't squirm so much the throws rise up from the floor and slide down the back and wedge themselves in behind the seat cushions!
Jun. 23rd, 2013 07:09 pm (UTC)
I now have my lovely new sofabed...despite having to move 600 books, to get it in! It also meant disposing of the manky shabitat side board the previous weekend! It took all day, the lighting circuit decided to go phut in the middle of it all, thus knocking out the router and the bedside lamps, but it is all worth it. I have a really comfortable bed, the black leather sofa is comfy and long enough to stretch out on, and my lovely velvet cushions what Katexxxxxx made for me are glowing gently against it. I also stand to get the nice dark mahogany officers pattern bureau, from the burnt out cousin, which will swallow lots of crapola and provide a writing surface and lots of dinky little compartments for stationery and pooter bits and bobs. It also has a top on which to display Mama's lovely art deco French not actually bronze, and possibly Granny's fruit bowl.

Now to tackle the cellar, a bit like a smaller edition of Kate's loft, get a new rug for the sitting room and think about getting the bathroom sorted out...and possibly a new washing machine, my old whirlpool is 20 and a bit! Also discovered that extending my lease, including legal fees is going to cost about 5 grand but that is probably worth it in increasing the value of the property.

Edited at 2013-06-23 07:19 pm (UTC)
Jun. 23rd, 2013 08:09 pm (UTC)
I thought yours was a share in the freehold... Still, if five grand spent by you now gives it a long enough lease that it improves the value by more than that, then yes, well worth the dosh.

I'm glad you new bed is comfy. Did they get the old one out in one chunk, or was it hacked to death in situ and marched out piecemeal?
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